24 February, 2010

The Falkland Islands - Oil and Gas Exploration - Dispute

It is reported that a dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom over exploration for oil near to the Falkland Islands has been escalated to the United Nations. See The Times 24th February 2010.  The dispute over oil and gas is in addition to the claim by Argentina for sovereignty over the islands - referred to by Argentina as Islas Malivinas.  This is a complex issue which will merit a more detailed post in the near future. Since 1982, Britain has maintained a stronger military presence in the South Atlantic region than it did previously.

Addendum: 3rd March 2010 - it seems that whilst America is saying they remain neutral on this issue, they seem to be cosying up to Argentina - The Times.   It could be a genuine offer by the US to mediate but the official  British position seems to be that there is nothing to mediate about and that is probably the Argentine position also.  Argentina very recently secured support for its stance from other South American States.   Like it or not, without resolution this issue will fester and will have to be sorted out sooner or later.

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