22 May, 2010

Chilcot's Iraq Inquiry - still on going

Up to the end of March 2010, the Chilcot Inquiry has cost £2,237,700 - see the Inquiry's website.  The Inquiry members have recently visited France and the USA.  The Inquiry sittings so far have not administered a "killer blow" to anyone but have revealed a lot of interesting information.  The inquiry has been criticised in some quarters for not employing experienced barristers to examine witnesses but, had it done so, all those attending might well have demanded legal representation with a consequential huge rise in costs.  It is an inquiry made up of Privy Councillors and is a fact-finding exercise.  It is not a judicial inquiry and is certainly not intended to be like a court apportioning blame.

A useful website on this topic is Iraq Inquiry Digest

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