20 July, 2010

Chilcot: Former Director of MI5 said that Iraq "radicalised" Muslims

In evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry, the former Director of MI5 (Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller) said that the Iraq War "radicalised" Muslims.  See The Guardian 20th July and analysis of her evidence by Richard Norton-Taylor - The Guardian 20th July.  To be frank, most ordinary people will probably find this entirely unsurprising.  The U.K. has a considerable Muslim population and their feelings appeared to count for little in the eyes of the Blair government when it decided to join the USA in the Iraq occupation.

Further on this story - The Independent 21st July 2010 - which argues that Manningham-Buller has "destroyed" Blair's argument that the Iraq War would make the world safer.

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