01 July, 2010

How Goldsmith changed advice on the legality of war

The Independent 1st July 2010 published an article showing the steps through which Lord Goldsmith QC came to his final advice about the legality of the Iraq War.  This topic is discussed in greater detail in the post below.

Meanwhile, the events surrounding Iraq continue to produce points of controversy - e.g. the Dr Kelly Inquiry is in the news again - see Daily Mail 1st July.  The Supreme Court of the U.K. has reversed the Court of Appeal in a case concerning the death of a soldier in Iraq - see The Guardian 1st JulyThe Guardian 1st July also comments about the Iraq Inquiry and Goldsmith's advice, pointing out that the Iraq Inquiry is all about the political context in which Goldsmith operated.  Yet another article covers the refusal of the British Ministry of Defence to hold an inquiry into certain Iraqi civilian deaths which occurred when the detainees were under British control - see here.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, continues to collect honours in recognition of his work for "liberty", the latest being the Liberty Medal awarded by the U.S. National Constitution Centre - see Telegraph 1st July.  Blair was, along with U.S. President George W. Bush, one of the architects of the military action in Iraq from 2003.

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