19 October, 2010

The Strategic Defence and Security Review and Spending Review

The government has announced details of the Strategic Defence and Security Review in which it has been engaged since taking office.  The 75 page document may be read here.  This is an important review which will, when implemented, make far reaching changes to Britain's Armed Forces and also to the management of U.K. security in the wider sense.  The outcome of the review is also likely to affect Britain's wider influence in international affairs generally.

The government's spending review (announced Wednesday 20th October) may be read at H.M. TreasuryThe Guardian published their summary of it.

The Defence Review makes it clear that Britain will maintain a military presence in Gibraltar, Cyprus, the South Atlantic (including the Falkland Islands) and Diego Garcia.  It is planned to remove British Forces from Germany by 2020.

Addendum 3rd December:  HMS Ark Royal sails home for the last time. 

The Fighting Temeraire - JMW Turner (1775-1851)

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