12 April, 2011

Executions in Ohio

Clarence Carter is the latest person to be executed in the U.S.A. - this time in Ohio.  There have been 12 executions in the USA this year and 1246 since executions resumed on 17th January 1977.

The details of executions carried in Ohio in recent times may be seen on the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction website.  A list of scheduled executions is also published.   Ohio has recently changed to the use of pentobarbital.

Death Penalty News reports on executions and pending executions around the world.

It is interesting that a nation which carries out so many executions also publishes (under Federal Law) a Human Rights Report which examines the state of human rights in other nations.  The 2010 report may be read via the Opinio Juris website.

Addendum:  On 17th May 2011, Ohio executed Daniel Lee Bedford.   He was the the 45th to be executed in Ohio since 1999 and the 1250th in the USA since capital punishment resumed on 17th January 1977.

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