11 June, 2012

Killing the "bad" guys: the USA and Drones

This blog has considered the use of drones on three previous occasions - see 16th February 2010; 18th April 2010 and 17th December 2010.  The use of drones to "take out" targets in far away places is a form of extrajudicial killing and, according to The Guardian 11th June 2012 (Obama's drone wars and the normalisation of extrajudicial murder), at least 2400 people have been killed in Pakistan by US drones.  The article claims that President Obama President Obama "has been seduced by political expediency and the lure of new technology into adopting a policy that kills first and asks questions later."

At the present time, it may be that the US has the technological advantage in relation to drones.  However, other states will inevitably acquire this technology and, in that event, the table may turn.

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