23 December, 2014

Powerful thoughts for today's world

Benjmain B. Ferencz - The Road to World Peace - 1986

"Since ancient times, every village, town, city and nation-state has come to recognize that a peaceful society requires: (1) laws, (2) courts, and (3) a system of effective law enforcement. To the extent these three conditions are met, there is relative tranquility; to the extent they are absent, there is turmoil."

The article is as valid today as when it was written.  “The Road to World Peace” is abbreviated from Dr. Ferencz’s book - A Common Sense Guide to World Peace.  Benjamin Ferencz served as a US Prosecutor at the Nuremburg war crimes trials and as director of post-war restitution procedures providing compensation to survivors of Nazi atrocities.  He is the author of the prize-winning book Less Than Slaves and was Adjunct Professor of International Law at Pace University.

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