20 November, 2012

Military use of Drones ~ Concern in Parliament ~ Model aircraft in the UK

 Update 2:  Revealed: who can fly drones in UK airspace?  The Guardian 25th January 2013

Update 1:   Debate in Parliament 11th December

It is now almost 3 years since this blog first posted about the military use of drones.  Please see:

16th February 2010   -  Drones - is their use breaching international law?

18th April 2010  -  The US has defended the use of "drones"

17th December 2010  -  Drones - their legality in international law

11th June 2012   -  Killing the "bad" guys: the USA and drones

The UK Parliament - or, at least, some members of it - have become concerned at the use of drones to "take out" targets.  The Defence Select Committee is to conduct an examination into how the UK uses lethal force  - 20th November 2012 Defence Management.

Also, there is an All Parliamentary Group on Drones - see Early Day Motion 661 of 31st October 2012.  The setting up of this group is discussed at Bureau of Investigative Journalism   (18th October 2012).

For further reading see - Drone Wars UK looks at the article in The Times 20th November 2012

In October 2012, the Chief Constable of Hampshire backed the use of drones for Police surveillance operations - BBC 2nd October 2012.

: Model aircraft in the UK :
(Some of the law)

01 November, 2012

Sri Lanka ~ bid to remove Chief Justice

Update 28th February 2013:  
Update 5th February:  Asia News - Bleak state of the rule of law in Sri Lanka

Update 13th January:  The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has stated that it is deeply concerned by the move to impeach the Chief Justice - see Statement 11th January.

Original Post:

The Honourable Dr. Shirana Bandaranayake is Chief Justice of Sri Lanka.  A move to impeach her is pending and has the appearance of a serious attack on the independence of the Sri Lankan judiciary.

The Sri Lankan government wished the Sri Lankan Parliament to legislate to transfer certain powers back from the Provinces to central government.  A constitutional challenge was made to this Bill and the Supreme Court upheld the challenge stating that the Bill required the consent of the Provinces.

It appears that there is now a move within Parliament to have the Chief Justice removed.  Proponents of this argue - without specificity - that the Chief Justice's behaviour over the last year has "affected the sovereignty of the people."