08 February, 2013

The Iran Tribunal ~ Judgment

The Iran Tribunal has given its judgment relating to events in Iran in the 1980s under the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini.   See the Tribunal's Press Release of 7th February (PDF).  The full Judgment may be downloaded here  (Word Document).

Media Comment - The Independent 7th February 2013 - Iran's Srebrenica: How Ayatollah Khomeini sanctioned the deaths of 20000 enemies of the State. 

The Tribunal sought to investigate the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the country’s political prisoners during the 1980s, when between 15,000 and 20,000 citizens were tortured and executed under the power of the Khomeini’s Fatwa (Telegraph 4th February 2001) for holding beliefs that conflicted with the regime.  The Tribunal heard firsthand accounts of the appalling atrocities committed against Iranian citizens.  The Islamic Republic of Iran was invited to participate in the trial but refused to engage with the Tribunal process.

The Tribunal comprised 6 respected jurists under the chairmanship of Judge Johann Kriegler (Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa 1994-2002) and was assisted by

05 February, 2013

Rendition and Torture ~ Report implicates the UK

Rendition by the United States of America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the subject of a report by the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI).  The publication of the report was covered by The Guardian (5th February 2013) CIA rendition: More than a quarter of countries offered covert support

The report - "Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition" - (PDF 216 pages) - states that some 54 countries (including the United Kingdom) offered some level of support for rendition.  The United Kingdom is discussed in Section V at para 51.

According to the report, the United Kingdom:

  • Assisted in the extraordinary rendition of individuals, gave the CIA intelligence that led to the extraordinary rendition of individuals, interrogated individuals who were later secretly detained and extraordinarily rendered, submitted questions for interrogation of individuals who were secretly detained and extraordinarily rendered, and permitted use of its airspace and airports for flights associated with extraordinary rendition operations.