21 March, 2013

Confessions of a Judicial Activist: Albie Sachs

The School of Law at Queen Mary, University of London and the British Institute of Human Rights hosted the launch of the Human Rights Collegium (HRC), a collaborative initiative focused on providing scholarly expertise, research and teaching on human rights. The inaugural HRC lecture was given by Justice Albie Sachs, author, activist and retired judge on the Constitutional Court of South Africa. The event was chaired by Geraldine Van Bueren, Professor of International Human Rights Law, Queen Mary, University of London and Co-Director of the HRC.

Academy of Achievement - Albie Sachs

The Queen Mary University, School of Law, London 5th March 2013 ~ Confessions of a Judicial Activist: Albie Sachs 

 Listen to a podcast of 'Confessions of a Judicial Activist' (mp3 approx 60 minutes). Choose 'playback' to play video, slides and audio.

20 March, 2013

Mariam Rajavi ~ exclusion from the UK

The Home Secretary (Theresa May) decided that prominent Iranian Mrs Maryam Rajavi may not enter the United Kingdom on the basis that her entry into the United Kingdom would not be conducive to the public good. The reasons are based principally on foreign policy and security grounds, not on fears about Mrs Rajavi's conduct here. 

A judicial review of Mrs May's decision failed when heard in the High Court and that decision has been upheld in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) - R (Lord Carlile of Berriew and others) v Secretary of State for Home Affairs [2013] EWCA Civ 199 (Arden, Patten and McCombe LJJ).  Mrs Rajavi is the leader of two groups in Iran opposed to the government there. She is the de facto leader of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran ("PMOI") and the "President-elect" of the National Council for the Resistance of Iran (NCRI) since 1993.


09 March, 2013

Iraq ~ The Al-Sweady Inquiry

The process of trying to establish the truth about events during the Iraq War and its aftermath continues.

On 4th March 2013, the Al-Sweady Inquiry commenced.  A preliminary hearing was held 3 years ago on 9th March 2010 and four "Directions" hearings took place in the period up to 18th December 2012.  All this appears to be a particularly slow, cumbersome and already costly process with costs (at February 2013) of almost £16m.

The Inquiry is chaired by retired High Court Judge Sir Thayne Forbes and is being held under the Inquiries Act 2005.  It was set up by Labour Minister Bob Ainsworth and given the following terms of reference: