31 July, 2013

Bosnian Croat leaders convicted at the ICTY

Work in the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) continues.  In late May 2013, after a trial lasting seven years, six Bosnian Croat leaders were convicted for their involvement in 'ethnic cleansing' during the breakup of Yugoslavia - (The Guardian 29th May 2013).  The six men and the sentences imposed are Jadranko Prlić (25 years imprisonment), Bruno Stojić (20 years), Slobodan Praljak (20 years), Milivoj Petković (20 years), Valentin Corić (16 years) and and Berislav Pušić (10 years) and a summary of the Trial Chamber's judgment is available here.

The ICTY is to hear appeals from the six - see Cases on Appeal - and a very helpful Case Information Sheet is also available.