23 December, 2013

Report of the Detainee Inquiry ~ concerns remain

Sir Peter Gibson
Update 7th July 2015 - The Guardian - Why did the Gibson Inquiry into rendition disappear?


In early 2012, the then Secretary of State for Justice (Kenneth Clarke) announced that the government was discontinuing the detainee inquiry which had been set up in 2010 under Sir Peter Gibson - Detainee Inquiry under Sir Peter Gibson scrapped   Clarke also stated that he had asked Sir Peter to produce a report summarising the work done and identifying any issues likely to form the subject of further investigation.

The report has now been published - Detainee Inquiry Report  The Report is an interim document. It is intended to help Government in its preparation for any new Inquiry, including in relation to the terms of reference and protocols it may wish to develop. The Report may also serve to identify areas where action would be appropriate now, without awaiting a further Inquiry.

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