01 August, 2014

Iran Tribunal - Reasoned judgment

The Iran tribunal - covered on this blog in a number of posts - issued its reasoned judgment on 5th February 2013.   Please see Youtube for The Final and Reasoned judgment of the Iran tribunal.  The video (dated 15th March 2013) lasts 41 minutes.  Following an introduction by John Cooper QC, South African Judge Johann Kriegler pointed out that Iran ignored an invitation to be a party to the tribunal.  This added a burden to the tribunal's deliberations since it wished to produce a fair judgment.  Nevertheless, Judge Kriegler described the evidence that was produced as 'cogent, logically interrelated and corroborative' and 'horrifying.'  He describes how he approached the case with a 'jaundiced ear and a jaundiced eye' but became convinced of the truthfulness of the evidence.

The full written judgment is available here  (Word Document).